The CU301 is a control and communication unit developed especially for the SQE submersible pumps in constant-pressure applications. The CU301 control unit provides:

  • Full control of the SQE pumps
  • Two-way communication with the SQE pumps
  • Possibility of adjusting the pressure
  • Alarm indication (LED) when service is needed
  • Possibility of starting, stopping and resetting the pump simply by means of a push-button
  • Configuration with R100 remote control.

The CU301 communicates with the pump via mains borne signalling (Power Line Communication), meaning that no extra cables are required between the CU301 and the pump. The CU301 features the following indications:

  1. Pump running indicator
  2. System pressure setting
  3. System ON/OFF
  4. Button lock indicator
  5. Dry-running indicator
  6. Service needed in case of:
    - No contact to pump
    - Overvoltage
    - Undervoltage
    - Speed reduction
    - Overtemperature
    - Overload
    - Sensor defective

The CU301 incorporates:

  • External signal input for pressure sensor
  • Connection to an operating relay for indication of pump operation.

Optional R100 remote control 

Wireless infrared remote control of the CU 301 is possible by means of the R100. Using the R100, it is possible to monitor and change the operating parameters, see the R100 menu structure on page 32. The R100 is a valuable tool in case fault finding is required.


Max Temperature:-22 - 122° F (-30 - 40° C)
Consumption:5 W (Maximum 130 mA)
Supply Voltage:1 x 100 - 240 V 50/60 Hz (-10%/+6%)

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  • Preprogramed for easy and quick installation
  • Simple, push button pressure setting
  • Fault lights for easy trouble shooting
  • Complete solution from one manufacturer
  • Built-in protection features including: Dry-run, soft start, overload
  • Wide voltage range